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Bring Your Appliance Dreams to Life

Looking for a cooktop, oven, or rangehood upgrade? Or maybe your existing appliances need a bit of TLC? At WP Electrical, we’ve got you covered.

When your cooktop, oven, or rangehood eventually needs a repair in Melbourne, you can count on our expertise to accurately and efficiently diagnose the problem. We carry a full range of replacement parts and can troubleshoot most issues onsite.

We also don’t cut corners on safety. You can have confidence knowing we’ll complete all installations to the highest industry standards, leaving your new appliances safe and ready to be put through their paces.

Are you ready to upgrade your cooktop, oven, and rangehood or get your existing appliances running their best? Contact us today at (03) 9909 5128. With our extensive product knowledge, we can recommend the latest and greatest models to suit your cooking needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Give Your Cooking Space a Modern Makeover

Your Oven and Cooktop Installation and Repair Expert

Looking to upgrade your cooktop or oven? Or perhaps your existing appliances need maintenance or repairs? Our experts provide professional electrical installation and repair services for all major cooktop and oven brands and models in Melbourne.

We stay up-to-date on the latest features and technology to make recommendations that perfectly suit your cooking needs and kitchen layout.

Safety is our top priority during any cooktop or oven installation process. We follow all manufacturer instructions and industry regulations to ensure your new appliances are installed securely and properly vented.

We can troubleshoot issues with any type of cooktop or oven for maintenance and repairs. We carry a wide inventory of replacement parts to fix your appliance promptly. You can rely on our expertise for accurate diagnostics and efficient repairs.

Extract Smoke and Steam with Quiet Rangehoods

Need Help With Your Rangehood?

We can recommend and install the ideal rangehood installation Melbourne for your cooking style and kitchen layout. Ducted, ductless, under-cabinet, wall-mounted - whatever type you need, we will install your new rangehood correctly so it ventilates properly and enhances air quality.

For rangehood repairs, we fix issues with motor failures, lights, switches, ventilation problems, and more. Our licensed electricians, who are qualified electricians, have the experience to diagnose and resolve any problem with your existing rangehood.

For any kitchen renovation where external ducting might be required to maintain a minimum distance from heat sources, our team ensures decent light conditions and efficiency. WP Electrical does an amazing job at providing competitive rates and can offer a free quote upon request. Our technicians are highly recommended by clients, often having arrived early to ensure prompt service. The rates vary depending, but our commitment to quality never wavers.

We handle rangehood installations and repairs for all the major brands and offer 24-hour emergency services across Melbourne. Our work is always done to the highest safety and quality standards.

Breathe easier with perfectly installed and maintained range hoods from the professionals at WP Electrical. Contact us today to upgrade your kitchen ventilation or repair your existing rangehood.

Trusted Electricians for Appliance Installation

Do You Need An Electrician?

Installing or repairing a slide out rangehood, cooktop, or oven yourself may seem like a good way to save money. However, there are several important reasons to hire a professional electrician instead. Cooktops and ovens must also be perfectly level, secured, and aligned for ideal functionality. Our precise installation prevents issues like rattling, shifting, or appliance damage from occurring down the road.

Our electricians are familiar with Melbourne’s latest local building codes and manufacturer instructions. We ensure your appliance installation meets all required regulations and is fully up-to-code.

With DIY repairs, there is often endless guessing to try and pinpoint the problem. Our electricians can expertly diagnose issues and replace defective parts thanks to diagnostic testing and experience. Plus, manufacturer warranties regularly require certified electrician installation and service. Our work maintains the warranties for your cooktop, oven, and range hood.

While DIY can save money initially, it frequently leads to bigger problems or the need for corrections by an electrician later on. Protect yourself from the hassle and potential safety risks using WP Electrical’s seasoned appliance installation and repair professionals.

Cook with Confidence and Safety with Experts

Your No.1 Partner For Electrical Appliances

When it comes to rangehood, cooktop, and oven installation and repairs, there are lots of reasons to choose WP Electrical:

  • Licensed & Insured - Our electricians are fully licensed and insured for your safety and peace of mind.
  • Latest Training & Knowledge - We stay up-to-date on the newest appliance technologies to best serve our customers.
  • Quick Response - We can usually schedule your installation or repair within 24 hours.
  • Warranty on Work - We stand behind our workmanship and use only high-quality parts for repairs.
  • Fair Pricing - Our pricing is competitive, with no hidden fees. We’ll provide a detailed quote upfront.

To learn more about how we can assist with your cooktop, oven, or rangehood needs, contact the team at WP Electrical today!

Bring Precision and Power to Your Culinary Creations

Call Us To Get Your Kitchen Right!

Tired of struggling with faulty appliances in your kitchen? Save yourself the frustration and potential hazards of DIY cooktop, oven, and rangehood repairs. WP Electrical's expert electricians have the knowledge to quickly diagnose issues and get your appliances running like new again.

Don’t wait until a small appliance problem turns into an inconvenient, expensive repair or replacement. Let our licensed electricians inspect your cooktop, oven, and rangehood during our maintenance service. We can spot issues before they leave you with downtime and costly appliance bills.

Protect your home and your pocket by partnering with WP Electrical for all your appliance installation and repair needs. Contact us today to schedule the affordable, professional service your neighbours have trusted for many years.

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Oven, Cooktop & Rangehood Installations FAQs

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen with a new oven, cooktop, or range hood? WP Electrical is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the installation process. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Absolutely! WP Electrical employs qualified electricians with the expertise to handle your range hood installation safely and efficiently.
In most cases, yes. Range hood installation often involves electrical wiring and connections. To ensure safety and meet local building codes, it’s crucial to have a licensed electrician complete the job.
Our electricians will first assess your existing electrical setup and determine the best location for your range hood. They will then handle all necessary wiring and connections, ensuring your exhaust fan functions properly. Finally, they’ll test the unit thoroughly to guarantee its safe operation.
While some individuals might be comfortable with electrical tasks, it’s generally recommended to leave range hood installation to a qualified electrician. Improper wiring poses a safety risk and could potentially damage your appliance. WP Electrical offers a safe and efficient solution for your range hood installation needs.
Even if your range hood appears to be a simple swap-out, there might still be electrical considerations. A qualified electrician from WP Electrical can ensure proper ventilation and confirm your kitchen is set up for safe exhaust fan operation.