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Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Security Lighting

Experience Total Perimeter Protection

We know your home’s exterior and landscape lighting needs to check all the boxes - security, visibility, aesthetics and smart controls.

Our experienced electricians in Melbourne can design and install outdoor lighting that deters intruders, illuminates walkways, highlights architectural features and provides hands-free convenience after dark. We utilise the latest fixture styles and sensor technologies to enhance your home’s curb appeal and safety.

Discover our outdoor security lighting, motion sensor spotlights, landscape accent lighting, automated smart controls and more. We provide exterior illumination tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us today at (03) 9909 5128 to learn more about our innovative outdoor, security and sensor lighting servicesin Melbourne for unbeatable safety, energy efficiency and style.

Depend on Our Outdoor & Security Lighting Expertise

Outdoor Lighting for Beauty and Security

The proper outdoor lighting makes all the difference for your home’s curb appeal and security. Our team installs outdoor lighting to create ambience, illuminate landscapes, provide security, and highlight your home’s best architectural features. Types of outdoor lighting we expertly install:

  • Pathway lighting - Guide your way to entrances with post lights, step lights and ledges.
  • Accent up-lighting - Focused lights on trees, walls and other landscapes.
  • Porch lighting - Stylish pendants, flush mounts, and post lights by doorways.
  • Deck and patio lighting - Strings overhead and LED posts for gatherings.
  • In-ground lighting - Subtle uplighting and downlighting along paths and walls.
  • Pool and hot tub lighting - Underwater fixtures and water-safe accent lighting.

We develop outdoor lighting designs that enhance natural elements, provide security, and allow you to enjoy your property long after sunset.

Five-Star Electrical Work on Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting for Protection and Peace of Mind

Add an extra layer of protection to your property with security lighting. We recommend installing security lighting to deter intruders and keep your family safe. Security lighting we provide includes:

  • Motion sensor spotlights - Bright, automated lights triggered by movement.
  • Floodlights - Powerful spotlights illuminating entryways or vulnerable areas.
  • Dusk-to-dawn porch lights - Automatically turn on at night for visibility.
  • Backyard spotlights - Monitor pools, sheds, fences and other remote areas.
  • Parking and garage lights - Bright overhead lighting keeps your vehicles visible.

Strategically placed security lighting leaves potential intruders feeling exposed. Smart motion sensors also conserve energy compared to lights continually left on.

Light the Way and Enhance Security with Motion Sensors

Motion Sensor Lighting for Convenience and Security

Motion lighting fixtures automatically turn on when they detect movement in their proximity. We recommend and expertly install motion sensor lights such as:

  • Security spotlights - Bright floodlights triggered by driveway or yard activity.
  • Porch lights - Greet guests with automatic front door illumination.
  • Garage and shed lights - Monitor outbuildings after dark with motion lights.
  • Closet and cabinet lighting - Hands-free illumination when grabbing something.
  • Stairway path lighting - Guide your way with automatic step lights.

Motion sensors also conserve energy compared to lights left on.

Add Safety and Style with Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Brighten Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Safety - Call Us

Don’t settle for darkness outside your home another night. For expert outdoor, security, and motion lighting services, choose WP Electrical in Melbourne. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary lighting assessment.

We take the time to understand your exterior lighting goals and challenges. Then, we develop a customised plan using ideal lighting solutions for your needs. With superior workmanship, we’ll transform how your home looks after sunset.

You can trust that we’ll get the job done quickly, professionally, and to your complete satisfaction. We handle permits, clean up, and provide a warranty on all outdoor lighting installations and repairs.

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