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Emergency Lighting - Be Prepared

When an emergency strikes, a failing exit or emergency lighting system can cost lives and lead to tragedy. That’s why a fully compliant, well-maintained emergency and exit lighting system is essential for any commercial property. Don’t leave the safety of occupants and first responders to chance.

Our commercial electricians in Melbourne specialise in installing and servicing code-compliant emergency and exit lighting systems tailored to your building’s layout and needs. With our help, you can have peace of mind from knowing your property has modern, reliable emergency lighting that will perform when tragedy strikes.

Contact WP Electrical today at (03) 9909 5128 to schedule an inspection or discuss upgrading your building’s emergency and exit lighting systems. Our lighting experts can ensure your system meets Australian standards and all council regulations. Call now to illuminate a path to safety.

Don’t Panic, Our Lights Will Guide You

Why Emergency Lighting is Crucial in Melbourne

There are several key reasons why proper emergency and exit lighting is vital for Melbourne commercial properties. Frequent power outages caused by extreme weather events and grid demand mean buildings often plunge into darkness, making emergency lighting critical. With tall multi-story buildings clustered in Melbourne’s CBD, effective exit lighting is essential to help occupants evacuate in smoky or dark conditions.

High-occupancy commercial buildings can contain thousands of people depending on adequate exit and emergency lighting to get out safely. Additionally, intricate floorplans in modern Melbourne buildings make compliant placement of emergency lights more important to avoid confusion. Importantly, Victoria has stringent safety standards that mandate functioning, well-installed emergency systems.

Partner with the team at WP Electrical to install or maintain compliant, robust emergency lighting purpose-built for your Melbourne property’s unique layout and needs. We ensure your building has optimal emergency illumination, whether power fails or tragedy strikes.

Clear and Reliable Emergency Lighting

Emergency Protection Services For Your Business

We understand these lighting systems are vital for the safe evacuation of occupants and first responder access in emergencies. Our team of licensed electricians can handle:

  • Installation of New Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Inspection & Repair of Existing Systems
  • Backup Power Integration
  • Monitoring & Preventative Maintenance
  • Warranty Service & Repairs

We handle complete installations of new emergency and exit lighting systems that adhere to Australian Standard AS2293. This includes mounting compliant exit signs, placing emergency lighting units at code-specified intervals, and integrating backup power sources.

We Light the Way to Safety When It Counts

Trusted Emergency Lighting Experts In Melbourne

We have the experience to handle any commercial lighting compliance project. Our licensed electricians complete regular training to stay certified on the latest lighting codes and best practices. After our work, we guarantee your emergency lighting will meet Australian Standard AS2293 and council requirements.

You can trust us to use only top-tier, reliable lighting products tailored to your building’s unique layout, occupancy and needs. We respond quickly if your emergency lighting fails and needs repair. And you’ll find our pricing very competitive, with no hidden fees.

Depend on Our Lighting in Critical Situations

Get Your Emergency Lighting Compliance Review

Want to schedule an inspection of your Melbourne building’s emergency and exit lighting systems? Have questions about upgrading to meet current codes? The team at WP Electrical is ready to help. Contact us today:

When disaster strikes, your building’s emergency and exit lighting provides a critical path to safety. Maintaining code compliance and optimal performance requires regular attention from qualified electrical contractors.

Our expert Melbourne electricians have years of experience inspecting, repairing, upgrading and monitoring emergency lighting systems. Contact us today to protect what matters most - your occupants!

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