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Testing & Safety Inspections

Is your electrical equipment safe? Don’t take chances when it comes to your family’s protection.

We understand how nerve-wracking electrical issues can be. But our comprehensive electrical safety inspections provide total peace of mind. Our Melbourne electricians use advanced diagnostics to check all aspects of your electrical installations for proper operation, faults, and fire/shock risks. We’ll pinpoint and fix any dangers or code violations.

From inspections when buying or selling your rental property to proactive domestic electrical testing checks, our experts leave no stone unturned. We even offer thermal imaging to detect hidden hot spots behind walls.

Don’t play guessing games about your electrical system’s safety status. Let WP Electrical provide expert testing tailored to your needs. We’ll keep you fully informed so you can make smart decisions. Schedule a thorough safety inspection and testing with our team today. We’re available for emergencies 24/7 and provide fast appointments that fit your schedule. So, call us at (03) 9909 5128 to discuss your needs.

Thorough Inspections for Total Confidence

Knowing When to Schedule a Safety Inspection

Electrical issues can crop up unexpectedly and jeopardise your safety. Make sure your system is in top shape by having WP Electrical conduct inspections at the following critical times:

  • Moving In - Inspect a new or rental home before moving in your belongings to catch any safety hazards left behind.
  • Renovations - Inspect wiring before and after major remodels or additions to spot risks and ensure proper installations.
  • Aging Systems - Inspect homes over ten years old for deterioration, outdated wiring or insufficient capacity.
  • After Faults - Inspect and test the full system after power surges, flickering lights or blown fuses to identify underlying causes.
  • Annually - Make annual inspections part of your home maintenance routine to catch problems early.
Safety Inspections to Uncover Risks

Our Thorough Inspection and Testing Process

We conduct electrical safety checks and equipment testing with the utmost diligence using proven methods:

  • Planning - We tailor our process to your specific needs, living space, and electrical systems.
  • Visual Inspection - We thoroughly check all wiring, panels, breakers, outlets, switches, and connections for damage, deterioration, or code violations.
  • Diagnostic Testing - We use advanced tools to analyse circuits, wiring, and equipment function. This detects shorts, ground faults, voltage fluctuations or other safety issues.
  • Thermal Scans - We conduct non-invasive thermal imaging to reveal dangerous hot spots or circuit overloads behind walls.
  • Load Testing - We assess electrical capacity under normal and heavy loads to ensure sufficient power and prevent outages.
  • Documentation - We provide detailed inspection reports outlining all issues found, diagnostics performed, and clear recommendations.
Our Testing Protects What Matters Most

Get Peace of Mind with Electrical Safety

When it comes to home electrical safety, there’s no room for uncertainty. You need total confidence that professionals with the right expertise are on the job. That’s why you can depend on our licensed electricians in Melbourne for comprehensive safety inspections and testing.

Our fully licensed and insured electricians have the advanced diagnostics, technical know-how and keen eyes to assess your electrical systems thoroughly. We take pride in providing homeowners with true peace of mind. Our detailed inspections and transparent reports leave no question about your home’s electrical safety status.

We’ll catch issues early and guide you in making smart upgrades to your smoke alarms, fuse boxes, power points, and Australian standard electrical needs.

Don’t Wait for Disaster - Call Us for Testing

Schedule a Thorough Inspection Today with WP Electrical

Take control of your electrical safety. Contact WP Electrical to schedule a comprehensive inspection and testing as soon as possible.

Our licensed electricians are standing by to answer any questions and provide a competitive quote tailored to your home’s needs.

We make the inspection process easy and convenient for you. Trust us to perform rigorous diagnostics and provide you with a complete picture of your electrical systems. Safety and transparency come first.

Don’t wait - contact us to schedule your electrical inspection today! Our experts are here to provide the insights you need to make informed decisions and protect your home.

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