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Advanced Circuit Breakers for Total Protection

Prevent Fires with High-Quality Breakers

We get it - flipping breakers and using quirky circuits can be frustrating! But don’t worry, our team of experts at WP Electrical is here to help get your circuit breakers working correctly again.

From annoying nuisance trips to damaged breakers no longer providing safe, reliable power distribution, we take care of it all. We even handle complete circuit breaker panel upgrades and replacements when everything is too far gone!

Our experienced electricians work swiftly to diagnose any issues and get your power flowing uninterrupted again. We’ll pinpoint if you need some miniature circuit breakers replaced or if your entire residential or commercial panel needs an upgrade. Either way, you can trust us to install quality breakers and parts, including air circuit breakers, that will protect your electrical systems adequately for years.

Say goodbye to flipped breakers disrupting your family time or business operations! Our circuit breaker services in Melbourne keep your power where it should be - safely ON. Give us a call today on (03) 9909 5128!

Leave the Circuit Protection to Us

What’s Going on With Your Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers are designed to trip and interrupt power when electrical faults occur, but sometimes, they act up when everything seems fine! Here are some common circuit breaker problems we fix:

  • Nuisance Tripping - Frequent, intermittent trips without overload
  • Failure to Trip - Dangerous when allowing power during faults
  • Broken Switches - Worn-out switches need a full panel upgrade
  • Corroded Contacts - Moisture corrosion prevented, fixed by replacement
  • Overloaded Circuits - Too many appliances tripping breaker, we add circuits

Don’t put up with any circuit breaker headaches! Our experts quickly diagnose issues and implement the right solutions to restore safe and consistent power to your property.

Protect Your Electrical System with Confidence

Professionally Installed or Replaced Circuit Breakers

When breakers are damaged or faulty, or your panel needs expanded capacity, our electricians install and replace circuit breakers safely.

We determine the appropriate breaker types and capacity ratings for new panels based on your electrical system load. We use only certified breakers that meet the latest standards. Each breaker is precisely matched to the circuit gauge and wire size.

We uninstall old faulty breakers and replace them with new units, precisely matching amperage and type during replacements. All connections are hand-tightened to optimal torque, and we clearly label each new breaker accordingly.

We methodically install new breakers matched to the electrical wiring for added circuits, rerouting existing lines if needed. We ensure your new or replaced breakers provide maximum protection and performance. Let us know if your circuit breakers need attention!

Breakers that Provide 24/7 Protection

Get Smart Circuit Protection with WP Electrical

Your home or business deserves circuit breaker services from experts who prioritise safety, quality workmanship and your satisfaction. At WP Electrical, those are the values at the core of every project we undertake.

Our fully licensed and certified Melbourne electricians have the experience and technical skills to address any circuit breaker issue thoroughly and efficiently. We take the time to properly evaluate your electrical system’s unique needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customised solutions pair the ideal equipment with expert installation following current safety standards. The quality brands we use ensure the durability and performance you expect.

From start to finish, WP Electrical delivers timely, professional circuit breaker services you can rely on. With transparent communication, prompt scheduling, and minimal disruption to your property, we make the process hassle-free while providing trusted solutions. Our warranties and ongoing maintenance ensure that your investment is protected.

The Best Protection Against Electrical Surges

Call Us - We Are Here For You 24/7!

Ready to say goodbye to those faulty circuit breakers for good? Contact our electricians in Melbourne today!

Our electricians are happy to answer any questions, provide fair quotes, and schedule your circuit breaker project as soon as possible. The faster you contact us, the sooner you’ll have seamless, safe power flowing in your property again!

With decades of experience and 5-star ratings, WP Electrical has the expertise to solve any circuit breaker issue. Trust us to deliver professional service you can rely on. Give us a ring today!

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